Deaf Not Dumb

Art directed an award-winning film with Deaf students

In 2010/2011, working with Deaffinity, a group of young deaf people, under my direction, produced an award winning and thought-provoking ‘rap-style’ video in British Sign Language (BSL). The video went  on to win the Adobe Youth Voices international award, with the young girls flying out to San Francisco to showcase their film and receive their award. The film was also shown at the British Film Institute in London.

The video project made international headlines and local ones too. You’ll notice how the volume is slowly turned down, this is just a small way to experience deafness. It has inspired many deaf people around the world, featured in schools and even some curriculums. It even spurred off other groups to produce their own such as this one in the Philippines.


About the project (in BSL)

The journey to the Summit

On the BBC’s See Hear