Hijab Collection

An exclusive range of Hijabs designed for Silk Route

I’ve always wanted to design hijabs in a way that truly allowed women to express themselves without compromising their modest outlook to life and faith. I’ve seen quite a lot of interesting designs, but not a lot that really had much thought behind them, no particular concept or theme. When the opportunity arose, I wanted to see how I could bring through the identity, belief and passion of modern, independent and confident Muslim women, through subtle hijab designs.




A as calligrapher and designer, it was a great challenge to try and marry my calligraphic work in ways that didn’t seem slapped-on or too bold. I wanted the designs to be natural, pattern-like and unique as possible. Finding that right balance took a lot of planning as one has to imagine how a scarf may be wrapped in so many ways and if the design would be practical for many different types of outfits, not to mention the fabrics and printing techniques etc.



Working closely with Silk Route Clothing and Islamic Design House, the designs were eventually finalised to the current collection, I believe there is something for everybody’s taste and style. I hope they go down well with Muslim ladies around the world.




All scarves can be purchased at Islamic Design House.